Thursday, January 9, 2014

Dot Drawings

I've been playing around with dot drawings is slow and monotonous, but slow monotony is kind of my thing.

Here we have the progression of a self-portrait:

And the finished product...:

This is the first one I tried.  I messed up on the nose, noses are always hard, but I really love the smile crinkles:

And finally, far and away my favorite dot drawing.  Check out the wrinkles on the left hand sleeve (your left, not his).  I love those sleeve wrinkles:

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Currently I am completing my student teaching somewhere in the farmlands of northern Utah.  I teach World History to sophomores and U.S. Government and Citizenship to seniors.

It's an enjoyable job.

The best part of my assignment is finding out exactly what the teenagers of American think about the world around them.  

We just finished our unit on National Aid to the States in our government class and as an assignment we asked our students to write their own grant to fix something in their community.  There were a lot of entertaining proposals, a lot of boring ones and a few really good ones.  This was my favorite though:

**Note: The spelling and grammar has been left unfixed and untampered with, in its original form.

That Darn Pot Hole, Grant Proposal

There is the world’s most obnoxious, eye popping, rim splitting, tire thrashing pot hole in my perfect homey Utopia of a neighborhood.  It is unacceptable and my friendly neighborhood OG’s and myself feels it needs to be handled and shown, who owns these parts.  The neighborhood and I take much pride in our rides, our children and beautiful Utopia.

Every time I come cruising down my street on chrome shoes with the gold spokes.  I find my car jumping and it is not a feature that came with my hydraulics’, nor is it baller.  What that is; Mother nature doing nasty business to my pimped ride.   Just last day, that exact story happened.  Every time it happens it brings great damage to the Whips.  Not only does it wreck stuff 25/8; but it get stronger! For each time it is run over, it gets wider deeper and deadlier.

The beautiful little, curious, clumsy, goofy kids are us that.  They go out to play, come back looking like they got in a hit and run and the driver is Sonic the Hedgehog.  Hospital trips have triple due to this hole. Not okay, how it came about in a neighborhood such as this? No idea.  But every adult is worried to let their kid out.  Having been a resident for 636 days, I can tell that this man eater of a hole is not bringing good vibes.  And the environment it showing it.

I know of a company who can fix it, for a cost, about 35,000 which includes labor, supplies and  a precise fix.  How soon can it be fixed? It can be approached this coming Saturday.  Looking at about a week and a half, time is key to a job like this.  But it will be handled in a strong professional manner.

Utopia is not a utopia if it has a flaw.  A flaw indeed it does have! We have to get rid of that Darn pot hole.  For the community, in the name of Fly Whips, the children and America grant us this bill and see to this pot hole job being completed.  Once complete I for see this great little hood, striving on and pursuing to grow.  The kids to go out and return to the playgrounds and doorbell ditching safely.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Recently I contracted mono.  It sucked.

Even more recently I graduated from college.  It less-sucked.

Most recently I finally had enough energy to go for my first run in three months.  It really sucked.

About a mile in I was at the point where my inner thighs had rolled my shorts up into a strange unsightly wedgie-looking bunch that would have mortified me in high school.  I was breathing like an asthmatic and the remaining contents of my broccoli based dinner had been churned up sufficiently enough in my stomach to cause significant gas cramping in its attempts to leave my body.

Before I continue my story I want it to be known that long ago I gave up the idea that regular people could appear lady-like and fierce while running, I also gave up the idea that sweat was the only stinky thing that your body releases while running.  Long ago I accepted that if I was going to be a 'runner' then I was going to burp and fart throughout my run, my legs were going to jiggle, my mouth was going to gape open in a desperate attempt to fill my lungs with oxygen and my arms were going to resemble a T-Rex punching the air...

I know these things and I accept them.

...As I was saying...

About a mile into my run I had reached the full T-Rexing glory of my pathetic stumble to health and some of the fumes from that broccoli dinner finally squeaked out. Honestly I hardly noticed, I was more concerned with the wad of running shorts material that was bunching up between my inner thighs.

Unfortunately I was not the only person on the street.  It would seem that while I was preoccupied trying to remember all the lyrics to 'Eye of the Tiger' while at the same time fixing my running shorts vs. inner thigh issues, releasing broccoli gas and stumbling along at a slightly-faster-than-walking pace, I had run myself into very close proximity to a group of teenagers.

Now it's not that long since I was a teenager. In fact it has been such a short amount of time that I sometimes forget that I'm not a teenager and try to eat entire pizzas by myself.  As recently removed from teenagerhood as I am I wasn't expecting to get 'the look'.

The look.  They gave me the look.  The look that I remember my parents grounding me for giving.  The look that terrified my substitute teachers.  The look that defines a large portion of my adolescent years.  The look.

They gave it to me.  I got the look.  I could tell in that moment that I was an embarrassment to these teenagers.  These teenagers that just a few years ago may have admired me and my 'mature' college-girl ways.  Not only were they embarrassed of me.  They were embarrassed for me.

They were embarrassed on my behalf because they thought that I didn't know that I should be embarrassed.

They thought I didn't know that I should be embarrassed that my shorts were wedged uncomfortably close to my crotch, and they probably were embarrassed that I didn't know that I shouldn't be digging to try to fix that wedge in public.  They were embarrassed that I was farting while I ran and they were probably embarrassed that I was wearing a Sesame Street t-shirt that said 'Cool Kids on the Block' and featured Big Bird and Cookie Monster wearing chains and throwing gang signs.

They were embarrassed of me.

Well you know what, random group of privileged, white, middle class teenagers?

Frankly I just don't give a damn.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

I Am Still Alive...Also I Am Not Pregnant...

As it turns out I am very bad at being consistent and posting decent things on the internet that are full of wholesome entertainment.  However I just got back from running and am practically oozing with awesomeness...obviously, I mean look how alluring I am:

*People with husbands (Sheree, Cool Katie) you may want to hide this photo because it is just so overpoweringly sexy...
I apologize for not posting...I'm going to do better.  In the mean time I will tell you that my brother and I have decided to start designing t-shirts.  He's the brains and I'm the brawn...errr...well yeah lets face it my muscles are WAYYYYY bigger than James's....

I mean look...

*Jame is the one in the T-shirt, the wookie is just our impartial judge*

So James is the brains and comes up with awesome ideas and then I and my muscles make those ideas a reality.  Here is one of them:
It's called "The Logic is Sound" and we think it's pretty sweet.  What do you guys think?  Would you wear a shirt with that on it?

Live Long and Prosper

-Jacqueline Moyar

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Hey guys...

     Guess what??

             The next blog is going to be a rant...

                        I'm making lots of pictures and coming up with really pithy comments for them...

                                    Just thought I would give you a little teaser.

Because it will be so emotionally packed, it will probably rock your universe and make you reevaluate almost act you've ever performed on this earth...

It's coming...


Really soon.

...Live long and prosper...

Sunday, March 25, 2012