Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Tis the season of joy and happiness and for me of procrastination.  Yes I procrastinate my gift buying and sending and making and mending and then I find myself at 8:00pm on Christmas eve thinking, "CRAP! I never mailed all those awesomely inappropriate Christmas cards I made!" 

Example of said innapropriate Santa card:

 (This was still in the early stages, now they all say 'Merry Christmas' and suggestive things about eggnog and chimneys...)

Also I have a confession to make: I love Christmas.  Seriously.  I am one of those annoying people that starts listening to Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving (even though secretly I've been listening to it since Halloween).  I love every part of Christmas, I love giving gifts that make people laugh and I love the smell of cinnamon and I love the way my boogers freeze the minute I walk out the door in the morning.  I love Christmas.  I love what it stands for, I love that at least once a year it's okay to listen to songs about Christ in public and to be happy for no real reason.  I love Christmas.   I love not waking up until noon and spending all day playing with my family.  I love sledding and caroling and hot chocolate and snow and pine trees and wool socks and my festive duck sweater I wear every year.  I love people that wear Santa hats and those folks that stand outside of Wal-Mart and ring bells.  I love that people say hello and smile at you even though they don't know you and most of all I love that even in this day of oppressive political correctness that we can still celebrate one of the most momentous and historically significant events ever to happen on this earth.  I love Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

...Live Long and Prosper....

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  1. Jacqui why are you so wonderfully hilarious and creative? I love your blog and drawings, but I think I can only read this post once- that Santa is possibly to inappropriate for my PG eyes