Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Apathy: a lack of interest, enthusiasm or concern.

Apathy is one of my three main emotions.  The other two are hungry and tired.  As such here is a picture of the coolest sunburn I ever had
Remember skin cancer is bad for you and you should always wear sun screen.

I don't know what it is about blogging that makes me feel like I have to be so random.  It's strange really.  I know that I am a human being that is capable of focusing on a single subject for more then three sentences.  I can string thoughts together and make coherent and sometimes compelling arguments. 

However, as soon as I think "Blog Time!" my brain fractures in half and stops communicating with itself.  I see things, but can't put them in words and I read the words that do come out, but can't do anything to edit it because my brain is divided and we all know that a brain divided against itself cannot stand.

Sooooo since I love and respect Abraham Lincoln I am going to take his advice and lie down and see if my brain can't patch it up with itself overnight and perhaps tomorrow we will finally write a decent blog! 

...Live Long and Prosper...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Music Elitist that I am...

We are all products of the people by which we were raised.

This idea was brought to my attention on my drive home from work today, Mom and I had switched cars and so I had a radio (which is crazy nice) and as I flipped through the channels over and over and over again like some sort of ADD squirrel I realized that I didn't recognize a single song that blipped by.  I finally turned off the radio in disgust and tried to come to grips with the fact that I am a musical elitist, I am prejudiced against new music.  I only want the old and the classic.  Where did this trait develop in me, an otherwise open minded and free spirited being?  I have an came from this guy:

This guy is my dad.  Dad likes music, he likes a lot of it and for the most part he likes his tunes old and loud.

So today we are going to take a photo journey through my childhood and talk a little about music.

This is the beginning of my Beatles phase (a phase which still persists to this day).  At this point in my life my favorite song was 'Fixing a Hole' and in a few short years I would write in my journal "I love Beedles" which leaves you wondering if I was talking about the band or the bugs, but since I have no recollection of any particular fondness for beetles I'm going with the band.

Another thing I heard a lot growing up was the infamous Pink Floyd.   I didn't really start gaining an appreciation for the Floyd until Jr. High, but I am the odd one out on this subject.  In one of the little Bother's first grade "all about me" posters he listed his favorite song as being 'The Lunatic' (Brain Damage) and he used to request us to sing, "the one about school" on Family Nights.  It's also interesting to note that throughout our childhood my brother James is always dressed like a British school boy...just saying Jim...

 Caramba, oh yes now there is a good one.  Mom used this for dance time in the preschool she taught and I feel like there was a soundtrack to my life this would be it.  Just imagine putting on your favorite fuzzy biker hat and getting your dancing fool on to this music.  Better yet go get your favorite fuzzy hat right now...put it on your the dance....just do it...don't feel silly no one can see you...besides you're gonna like the way you feel.....................I guarantee it...

My dad was a school teacher...and a forest ranger...and a Sam's Club such our family outings were usually low budget and nature based events.  I relished the long hot car rides out to the desert to collect bugs and rocks, actually I don't really know if that was why we went on those trips, but that is what I did.  Dad would pop in our 'Regae for Kids' tape (oh yeah I'm serious, click the link for a sample and you will not be disappointed mi amigos) and another one of my musical affections was born.
In case you can't tell I'm in the middle of the desert somewhere, I'm barefoot and I'm rather dirty.

Then there was all the groovy feel good music that Mom would play for daycare and Dad would dance to with us on the way home.  There was Simon and Garfunkel and Cat Stevens and Fleetwood Mac and Mutabaruka and Bob Marley and Billy Joel and Sir Elton John and The Grateful Dead and The Doobie Brothers and Styx and Talking Heads and The Proclaimers...and so much more...Oh but let us dare not forget the musicals!  Oh how many rediculously low budget renditions of Les Mes did we perform on our dining room table?  How many times did I try to hit Christine's high note and fail miserably in The Phantom of the Opera?  And how many times did we depart from the text and make up our own musicals with sub par scores and only slightly original ideas?  Countless times.  That is the answer.  Countless times........

But for all of this I think we turned out all right.  Non of us has committed any mass murderings or drunk a unicorn's blood or anything.........yet

In conclusion: I like my music, I have a lot of newer stuff, but the music I was raised on colored my childhood and if perhaps I want to marry someone that closely resembles Ringo Star and have all the groomsmen at my wedding wear Sgt. Pepper uniforms...well then I think that it will be a fine wedding and there will be a lot of old people dancing and you should all come....

...Live long and Prosper...

P.S. Dad just gave me a new Buddy Holly CD and I am beside myself with joy....

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lazy Time

Fact is folks I'm lazy.  I'm not just your run of the mill don't feel like going to work today lazy, I'm if I've been awake for more then nine hours straight I want to shoot myself in the face lazy.

If you didn't know that I was chronically lazy then you would probably think I was depressed, or recovering from a major operation, or possibly dead (on account of I sometimes sleep with my eyes half all reality though and with no jest it is quite creepy.  When I was little my brother and I shared the same room and he used to throw toys at me if I was asleep and staring at him because it gave him bad dreams.  I also do it in class when I don't want Professor to know I'm sleeping through the lesson.  This works great from a distance, however I most definitely creep out my neighboring seat friend, but also they probably respect me a little for my strange and mysterious abilities.)

Anyway I haven't been in school for approximately three and a half months now and it is starting to show.  I keep looking at my blog and thinking "I should really post something," but then I get distracted or fall asleep or just sit there trying to control the beating of my own heart.  I honestly have about thirty unpublished blog drafts, which are mostly just titles and then little stick figure drawings...

Here are some examples!  (Yes examples most definitely warrant the use of an exclamation point)

Braveheart in Space, and other great things to do in a kilt.
Toaster Time!
The Demise of Stanley the Earwig
The Never Before Published True Story behind 'The Demise of Stanley the Earwig'
Concerns and Conundrums 1: Why my Disney character crush is Gaston.
Concerns and Conundrums 2: Having a crush on a cartoon character is idiotic, obtuse, and dultish
Concerns and Conundrums 3: The Saurus and other fearsome beasts

In summation: I am lazy.  I tire of subjects easi......ah hell I lost my train of thought...I blame Google for my attention deficiencies...

In conclusion: I am very grateful to you my friends for still reading my blog, even though my sentences run on and on and on and I use the '....' thing waaay too much and I struggle to stick to one topic...

In culmination:

In resolution:

In conclusion:

To wrap it all up: I decided to try to pull myself out of my shiftless and inactive state and try and post something every day for a week.  I'm not promising it will be good (just take a look at my last post), but it will be.  That is all, it will just BE.

...Live long and Prosper....

Journal Entry

This is an entry from my journal: 

September 23, 2011 :( (Only the frowny face is right side up, and is crying a little and has a mustache that all it's little frowny face tears are running into)

Dear Journal,

Earlier this evening I may have overdosed on delicious orange flavored chewable vitamin C's...

I decided to get my victorian romance fix on and ate approximately twelve vitamins while reading Jane Eyre.

If only Sam's Club didn't make their vitamins taste like the word wonderful.

Now I can't sleep because my skin is itchy.

So just in case I die in my sleep from the extreme amount of vitamin C that is now coursing through my body my final request is for somebody to make a cautionary tale for children out of this event in my must be graphically illustrated.

That is all...Live long and Prosper...