Thursday, November 17, 2011

Apathy: a lack of interest, enthusiasm or concern.

Apathy is one of my three main emotions.  The other two are hungry and tired.  As such here is a picture of the coolest sunburn I ever had
Remember skin cancer is bad for you and you should always wear sun screen.

I don't know what it is about blogging that makes me feel like I have to be so random.  It's strange really.  I know that I am a human being that is capable of focusing on a single subject for more then three sentences.  I can string thoughts together and make coherent and sometimes compelling arguments. 

However, as soon as I think "Blog Time!" my brain fractures in half and stops communicating with itself.  I see things, but can't put them in words and I read the words that do come out, but can't do anything to edit it because my brain is divided and we all know that a brain divided against itself cannot stand.

Sooooo since I love and respect Abraham Lincoln I am going to take his advice and lie down and see if my brain can't patch it up with itself overnight and perhaps tomorrow we will finally write a decent blog! 

...Live Long and Prosper...

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