Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Very Important Subject...

Tonight I would like to broach a topic that seems taboo in our society.  It is however a topic of not only great importance, but of in my opinion an imperative nature 
                                                   The topic is Hobo Names.
           Before venturing into this wild and sordid field of research I would like to throw a quick shout out to Mr. John Hodgman, you may know him from such films as Baby Mamma, The Invention of Lying, Coraline and Arthur (NOT the popular PBS children's program).  Mr. Hodgman however is probably most well know though for his personification of a PC computer along side Justin Long in the wildly popular Apple "Get a Mac" add campaign.
         Mr. Hodgman is the nation's leading expert on the subject of Hobo Names.  He devotes a particularly large section of his book 'The Areas of my Expertise' to the subject. So it is that I would like to take a moment to share with you a few of my favorite names from a culture that has fascinated and bewildered mankind since the dawn of time.....

Whispering-Lies McGruder
         Wicked Paul Fourteen-Toes
                   Normal-Face Olaf
                             Ol' Barb Stab-You-Quick
                                   Twistback John, the Scoliosis Sufferer
                                            Senator Cletus Scoffpossum
                                                  50-Tooth Slim
                                                       Monk, the Monkey Man (which is to say: "the Man")
                                                   Cleatus T. Chillingsworth
                                             Finnish Jim
                                   Flemish Jim
                     Foreign Tomas, the Strangetalker
           "X," the Anonymous Man or Woman
     Irontrousers the Strong
Prostate Davey

Oooooohhh yeah, the guy is goooooooooood...his work is what inspired me to become a History Teacher.
             Also if you enjoyed any of this in the slightest you should check out Mr. Hodgman's 'Five Card Monty' it equals pure hysterics.  Unfortunately it is rather difficult to find on the interweb...I'm just one of the lucky people who possess a CD (or compact disk for those of you who don't remember) of Hodgman's audio recordings....I am so blessed...

            Why am I plugging John Hodgman so much tonight?  This I do not know....perhaps it is because of that highly enjoyable hour and a half of Pink Floyd I experienced earlier tonight (and I use the word EXPERIENCED for a reason, many people don't understand that Pink Flod is an experience, there is a reason the songs are fifteen minutes long....but that is a different subject for a different day...)

...John Hodgman....That is all....Live long and Prosper....

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  1. to bad that you were not speaking of the PBS children's program Arthur. I have a deep respect for that cartoon, as it has helped to shape my views of the world.