Friday, July 29, 2011

Good Things

Tonight I am in one of my favorite places. I am with 22 of my favorite people. The breeze coming in the window smells like pine trees and grass, not that silly suburban grass we grow accustomed to, but real honest to God grass. The lights are low and people are asleep EVERYWHERE.

                  The house itself smells old and dusty and broken and brown and familiar and a little like              
                  farts...but that is less enjoyable and can probably be attributed to one of the young males...

My uncle hasn't taken his ADD meds this week and so it is taking a tremendous amount of concentration to ignore him.

          Some call this area the 'armpit' of Washington, but those people don't understand...also they are
          probably communists...

                                       John is making small children set up his tent, bring him food and fan him with
                                       palm leaves. He just condemned the 'hoarding masses' to a life of 'illiteracy' and
                                       'violence'... What a fascist...

                          Take your pills man.

I am too ADD to make a good post tonight. Apologies to all. My sicerest apologies for wasting the precious moments of your life. Please do not be angry for that would only waste yet more of your precious moments and I doubt I should be able to live with the guilt of wasting so much of a person's life.

        It would be murder.

         Just call me BWM. (You can sort the acronym out for yourself, have fun!)

                For those of you confused by this statement let me help you. This was actually a bit of a funny
                play on words. You see there was an infamous serial killer that was known as the BTK killer.
                I played on this by saying that wasting your time was akin to murder, then I made up a less
                then clever acronym for my own specific brand of homicide...

...that was all...don't worry if you didn't's late and the jokes are in short supply mi hombres....

I'd love nothing more then to keep blogging my life away, but Nicole wants to go down to the river (no doubt trying to trick me into a midnight swim, which as anyone who knows me knows I am terrified of dark water) and Jelly wants to cut her hair and I want to go squish pennies on the train track...

Yes I am off to act like a child.

        Do not judge.

               Do not be jealous.

                       Or do.

               Whatever...I'm just reclaiming the wild spirit of my youth.

No big deal.

Cool Katie your letter is coming shortly...patience is what I am teaching you padawon...

...Live long and prosper...


  1. YOU'RE IN WASHINGTON!!! I hope it is the pretty side. Thank you for mentioning me. I feel SUper cool now. Way to be random. I feel like i just saw into your soul a little. Also...

    have you seen any penises lately?

  2. Wow I didn't know you're writing was so poetic. I feel like I just got blinded by your soul and now I'm running around like a loony with my arms out stretched trying to feel my way back into the Mundane illiterate world I've created for myself. Thanks Jacqui.